Observational case study

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This is in contrast to randomised controlled trials where investigators do intervene and look at the effects of the intervention on an outcome. Although randomised controlled trials are useful in determining causal relationships between treatment and outcome, there are often instances where randomised controlled trials are not appropriate, so observational studies are needed. For example, if one wanted to conduct a hypothetical trial to determine if smoking caused lung cancer, individuals would be randomized to smoke or not smoke, and then followed up until death to subsequently determine the effect of smoking on lung cancer. Observational studies can determine if there are associations between smoking and lung cancer, but instead of the investigator controlling who smokes or not, smoking status is observed. With appropriate control of other factors related to lung cancer and smoking status, such as gender and age, observational studies have shown a strong association between smoking and lung cancer events.

Observational study

What is an observational study? | MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL

Case study research is a comprehensive method that incorporates multiple sources of data to provide detailed accounts of complex research phenomena in real-life contexts. However, current models of case study research do not particularly distinguish the unique contribution observation data can make. Observation methods have the potential to reach beyond other methods that rely largely or solely on self-report. This article describes the distinctive characteristics of case study observational research, a modified form of Yin's model of case study research the authors used in a study exploring interprofessional collaboration in primary care. In this approach, observation data are positioned as the central component of the research design. Case study observational research offers a promising approach for researchers in a wide range of health care settings seeking more complete understandings of complex topics, where contextual influences are of primary concern.

Case-control and Cohort studies: A brief overview

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