Write a program strcat

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This function is used to concatenate two strings. The null character from the first string is removed then second string is appended at the end of the first string. It returns a pointer to the resulting string strg1. Generally, the return value of strcat is discarded. You should never pass a string literal as a first argument because if you do then strcat function will try to modify a string literal which is an undefined behavior and may cause the program to crash.

Basic C Program to Concatenate Strings using Pointer

Basic C Program to Concatenate Strings using Pointer | C Programs | Studytonight

In C programming, the strcat function contcatenates joins two strings. The strcat function concatenates the destination string and the source string, and the result is stored in the destination string. Note: When we use strcat , the size of the destination string should be large enough to store the resultant string. If not, we will get the segmentation fault error. Course Index Explore Programiz.

C Program to Concatenate Two Strings Without Using strcat

C comes with libraries of special functions, that we can use in our programs. You can copy replace a string using the strcpy function. For example, I have a bagel every morning for breakfast. Sometimes I replace the bagel with a bowl of cereal. Here is how I would express that in C:.
We first take two string as input from user using gets function and store it in two character array. Now, we have to append first string at the end of second string. We can either use strcat function of string. Second string must be large enough to contain the concatenated resulting string. For example, if first string is "Tech" and second string is "CrashCourse" then on concatenating these two strings we get "TechCrashCourse".
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